Aidan’s Chickens

“I have 18 Rhode Island Red Chickens which are an old fashioned variety of chicken that lay brown eggs. The chickens live outside in a chicken tractor which is a portable chicken coop. The chicken tractors are moved to fresh grass every day. Some of their food comes from the grass and bugs that they eat. The rest of their diet is made up organic feed. At night they roost on a perch in the chicken tractors at night. I collect the eggs and feed them every morning.”

Animals & Permaculture

Aidan’s chickens are an important part of maintaining soil fertility on an organic farm. Their foraging minimizes pests and weeds and fertilizes the soil. The chickens are built into the crop rotation. After a couple of years of grazing an area, that area becomes a new garden bed. The old garden becomes the new grazing area so the chickens can work to improve that soil.

Permaculture tries to mimic nature and work within the cycles of nature. So even if we were not using the eggs the chickens would be valuable for the benefits to the soil.

Meat Chickens

In addition to our eggs, we raise meat chicken on pasture also.   The chickens thrive on pasture eating clover, grass and bugs.   Plus, the ample space allows the chickens to be free range as well as fresh pasture daily.    They are available in July and August.