“Part of our mission is to build strong, vibrant agricultural communities here and abroad”

Prepared Meals available at Am Braigh

Am Braigh Farm is pleased to announce the addition of soups and entrees from Chef Erik Kjaer. Formerly owner and chef of Market Hill Café in Mono Mills, Erik is turning our produce and chicken into ready to eat meals. Every week Erik visits the farm to pick up what is in season to turn it into a creative offering ranging from soups, gratins, chutneys that will allow you to continue to savour the taste of Am Braigh all year round.

Cheeses, Yogurts, Ice Cream

We carry cheeses, yogurts and ice cream from this small co-operative based in Fergus, Ontario

Organic, Sourdough Bread (available Saturday)

Grass Fed beef, lamb and pork

Bio Vision Farm
Henricus Verhoeven

“I produce healthy food knowing that people will benefit from it,” is the philosophy that Henk Verhoeven passionately embraces. On the 100 acre spread where he has farmed for the past 20 years, he raises 100% grass fed Scottish Highland cattle, a small herd of 100% grass fed sheep, pigs and free range chickens. Hank and Jin also manage a large vegetable garden, producing a wide variety of seasonal vegetables. Proudly noting that Bio Vision Farm has been Biodynamic certified since 1992, they have absolute confidence in the quality of the products they offer to consumers; as Henk says, “this food is like medicine for the body and a healthy mind will ensure healthy thinking.”