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“Part of our mission is to build strong, vibrant agricultural communities here and abroad”

“Savour the Harvest” Prepared Meals available at Am Braigh

Am Braigh Farm has partnered with local chefs to produce soups and entrees made from Am Braigh Products.    Throughout the season, chefs pick out ingredients from our farm for the next offering of soups, preserves and entrees

Organic, Sourdough Bread and Baked goods from 100 Acre Bakery

In December 2019, Simon’s 100 Acre bakery suffered a fire that has temporarily curtailed his production of organic sourdough bread. Well he is rebuilding, he is continuing to supply Am Braigh Farm with baked goods such as croissants and scones until he is able to resume weekly bread production.

Grass Fed beef, lamb and pork from Bennington Farms

We carry some selected cuts of meat from Bennington Farms. We are happy to be able to offer their products as their philosophy is very similar to our practices here at Am Braigh Farm. Their beef and lamb are 100% grass fed and finished. They are on pasture as much as weather conditions allow. If not eating grass from pasture directly, they are fed hay in the barn or we employ a method called bale grazing, where hay bales are put out in the pasture to eat once it is snow covered.

Their chickens are kept on pasture from 3-4 weeks of age and a significant portion of their diet is from grass and insects. All meat chicken requires some grain in their diet. They use premium non GMO and soy free feed. They are licensed growers through Chicken Farmers of Ontario Artisanal Program.

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