Welcome to our new blog page here at Am Braigh Farm.   As we continue to grow we are trying to find out how to keep the community of Am Braigh customers informed and connected.   Here we will try to provide timely notice of what vegetables are ready and how soon the next new crop will mature.   Also, in our blog we will try to provide suggestions and recipe ideas for some of the crops we grow here at Am Braigh.   I know there are a lot of customers who would like to share this info.   Lastly, I will be posting articles of interest that I find that may interest you, the consumers.    As customers who have chosen to shop at Am Braigh I know that you aware of many of the issues that surround food and even though I too count myself as informed it never ceases to amaze me some of the things that are done to our foods by the processing industry or by political decisions that effect our food.