What does Am Braigh Mean?

Am Braigh is a Gaelic phrase meaning higher ground or upland. The phrase is an apt one given our geographic location in the headwaters of the Dufferin County. A spring emanating from the farm is one of the sources of the Nottawasaga River. As well, spiritually we strive to create a higher ground to nourish and sustain our families, workers and our dedicated community of customers.

Specializing in Year-Round Vegetable Production

Over the course of the year we produce over 30 different types of vegetables. Using our greenhouses, both fixed and move-able, we have been able to extend our growing season so that we can offer fresh vegetables year round. In January it is not uncommon to have up to 15 different types of vegetables available.

Food Security

Growing and buying local food increases our food security. We are not so dependent on bringing our food in from thousands of kilometres away so we are more immune to climate, environmental, political and economic events that can disrupt our modern food system.

As part of our mission to increase food security in our region we donate 1.5% of our sales to support our local food banks and school food programmes. Besides donating surplus food to local food banks we also support the Compass Run for Food.