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Learning without Walls: Hands on and experiential learning

Learning without Walls: Hands on and experiential learning

After 30 years of teaching experience at both the high school and university level, I have come to believe that the best classrooms are those without walls. It is in the natural world where you can authentically have the theoretical meet the real.

Year long intensive: From seed to harvest

This course allows a prospective gardener or home gardener to plan, seed, tend and harvest an actual garden, all the while learning the basics and theory needed to understand what makes a successful garden. The course takes place on a working intensive organic market garden and has 9 sessions spread throughout the growing season. Each session has theoretical focus followed by hands on activity to broaden your gardening skill set.

This is your chance to join us for the “hands on” development of Am Braigh Farm’s online course:


“ An introduction to intensive gardening techniques”

  • Learn how to grow a large amount of food in a small area from a grower with 25 years experience
  • 9 sessions spread throughout the growing season
  • Each session contains an in-class component developing your knowledge base of gardening
  • Hands on experiential learning where you will plan, design, plant and grow a garden building on your knowledge base
  • You will get your hands in the soil!
  • Segments of the course will be filmed to become the part of our new online course we will be offering
  • Total hours for course: 30 hours of instruction and hands on experience.
  • First class enrolment capped at 8 participants

Price: $610.00 for online version of the course
Discount for being part of the on line taping: $485.00

Course starts February 22/2020

Contact ambraighfarm6@gmail.com to register




Feb 22

Planning a garden

  • Climate zones
  • Seed selection
  • Bed layout
  • Crop rotation
  • Planning for succession crops

· Designing your garden

March 21

Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles: Harnessing Nature’s cycles

Understanding the Rhizosphere Part 1

  • Composition of soil
  • Nutrients: Macro and Micro
  • Role of Fungus and Bacteria
  • Seeding transplants

April 25

Understanding the Rhizosphere Part 2

  • Compost
  • Green manures
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Bed Preparation
  • Making compost

May 21

Garden Management-“Keeping things alive”

  • Vegetable Know how Asparagus-Zucchini-ongoing
  • Pests and Disease
  • Planting a garden

June 15


Weed Management

Vegetable Know How Asparagus -Zucchini ongoing

Planning for your second crop

  • Weeding techniques
  • Pruning tomatoes and cucumbers

July 13


Vegetable Know How Asparagus to Zucchini ongoing

  • Harvest techniques
  • lanting your second crop

August 17


Green manures and Regenerative agriculture

  • Planting green manure
  • Mid summer garden maintenance

September 19

Season extension techniques

  • Building a cold frame

October 24

Course wrap up

  • Reflections
  • Lessons
  • Next steps
  • Getting a garden ready for winter
Up close: a weekend farm experience

This course provides an introductory experience of organic vegetable farming in the scenic hills of Mono. Your guide on this experience is Jamie Richards from Am Braigh Farm, a working intensive organic farm. He brings over 20 years of growing experience plus his educational background to give the participant a taste of what it is like to be a farmer, experience the local food movement first hand as well having a chance to hike the Niagara Escarpment a World Biosphere Reserve. The course culminates with participants harvesting an a meal from the fields of Am Braigh Farm.

Stay tuned for further details.

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